Saddest Cat In The World Can’t Handle His Owner Leaving For Work

No one likes heading out to work in the morning but it there is no way we could take one step out of the door if we had a cat like Ghost.


The Himalayan moggy is officially the saddest cat in the world – whenever he’s left on his own for the day.

His owner, Jes Klass, posted pictures on Imgur of Ghost’s crestfallen face whenever he has to go out to earn a wage.

The cat’s sad eyes say it all – but he also physically tries to hold the door open whenever Jes goes out.

He detailed in picture form the process he has to go through every morning:

Wait by the door and hope today is not a day that his owner has to leave.



Realising he is going to be left alone, Ghost holds the door open and pleads with his eyes.



The door hold is futile, his owner is leaving. And we’re crying.


Jes described Ghost as his ”world”, adding: “It has never been harder to leave my apartment.

“In a really embarrassing and much-too-personal-for-reddit way he’s really helped with my depression and anxiety.

“He’s a great little cat.”

Ghost is officially now our number one cat – better even than Grumpy Cat. We would never leave him!

Pics: Imgur/jesklash




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